Restaurant POS Features


Prosperity POS’s restaurant pos software supports 6 order types including walk-in, pickup, bar, bar tab, table, and delivery. All 6 can be enabled or disabled and customized for your businesses needs.


Supports cash/check, credit/debit, customer credit, and gift card payments as well as coupons and discounts. Bring your own processor or use one of ours. No credit card data is stored or directly handled in a fully PA-DSS compliant environment.


Our restaurant POS app has a powerful menu editor which gives full control over the pricing and functionality of your items and modifiers. Supports sizing, multiple choice modifiers, required entries and more. Easily organize your commonly used modifiers into shared groups, apply modifiers to categories, manage inventory and pricing on an item and modifier level, and much much more.


Full featured restaurant POS software allows you to manage your waitstaff and their tables and bar tabs with a customizable visual table layout. Split checks, organize and pay orders on a seat-by-seat basis, manage credit/debit tips, apply autogratuities, and more.


Our all-in-one delivery screen is guaranteed to be the easiest delivery management system you will ever use. Assign deliveries, handle drops, banks, tips and more all from one screen. All valid addresses are mapped on an interactive map.


Get the full scoop on your business. Dozens of reports to get the most insight out of your restaurant POS data. View sales totals, employee hours, item sales, basic accounting, and more. All reports can be exported into Excel friendly formats.


Create food and drink recipes and automatically update stock as items are sold. Recipes can be assigned to items and their modifiers/toppings as well as selection options for multiple choice modifiers. You can also specify different amounts for items/modifiers with multiple sizes. Recipes can cross-convert measurement units (eg: so you can use an ounce of vodka from a 750 mL bottle). Inventory can also be manually adjusted to account for incoming, destroyed, or damaged goods.

Purchase Orders

Keep track of vendor purchase orders and update inventory stock based on items received. Account for delayed or out of stock items and more. Tracks payments for purchase orders as well as utility bills and other monthly payments.

Customer Database and Loyalty

Stores a database of recurring customers. With a Whozz Calling caller ID box you can automatically add and retrieve customer data based on incoming calls. You can optionally enable a free single-store customer loyalty program which will allow you to reward returning customers and track their spending and rewards.



Hardware Options

Prosperity’s Restaurant POS app can integrate with a full range of hardware including:
-Touchscreen Monitors (Must have Mac OS X driver)
-MagTek Centurion Encrypted Card Reader
-Provides a completely secure PA-DSS compliant way to swipe credit cards. All data is encrypted at the point-of-swipe and never sent in the clear.
-MagTek IPAD Encrypted Card Entry Device
-Provides a completely secure PA-DSS compliant way to swipe credit cards. All data is encrypted at the point-of-swipe and never sent in the clear.


-Star Micronics/Epson Receipt Printers (USB or Ethernet only)
-Cash Drawers (Must be able to interface with receipt printer)
-Whozz Calling? Caller ID Interface Device
-Barcode Scanners (Must have USB keyboard emulation)

When purchasing a complete system, Prosperity POS or your reseller will provide all of the necessary hardware. All hardware we offer has been tested to work seamlessly with the Prosperity app. If you are not sure if your hardware is compatible please email the sales department.


Why Mac?

The Prosperity application was built to address a glaring need in the POS world – a Mac POS alternative for the restaurant pos industry. For years, PCs have dominated the food and beverage service industry POS market. Now, there is a true Mac POS option. Our systems run exclusively on Apple computers and provide the style, simplicity, and ease-of-use that people have come to expect on the Mac.


This is not to say you have to be a die-hard Mac user to love and use our systems. Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is a much more stable and secure platform than Windows. The viruses, trojans, spyware, and other issues that PCs are prone to are a virtual non-issue on Macs. There have been over 50,000 viruses known to infect PCs. Macs? Only about 50. Apple offers an extremely secure platform that doesn’t fall victim to all of the issues that Windows users deal with on a daily basis.

“But Macs are way too expensive” … That is simply not true with Prosperity. While the base cost of a consumer Mac is more expensive than a comparable PC, we recognize the need for a Mac alternative to the Micros and Alohas of the world to be affordable as well. We can setup complete systems at under $4000/station. Compare that with the $5-6000 you will pay through the other guys. We also do not require any arbitrary “Modules” which need to be upgraded constantly, or any ongoing licensing fees. Its truly a win-win.