Restaurant POS - Home Screen on iRestaurant

Prosperity POS v2.4 Restaurant POS Now Available

Finally,a touchscreen optimized restaurant POS application for Mac. Prosperity POS is Mac point of sale from the ground up. It runs natively on Apple’s Restaurant OS X. It’s interface is Restaurant where it should be, and POS where it needs to be.

Restaurant POS - Barcode

POS Hardware Integration

Seamlessly integrates with many USB and Ethernet printers to print receipts and multi-station network printer setups for kitchen slips. Also can integrate with Honeywell barcode scanners, Whozz Calling? Caller ID interface, Magtek encrtyped card swipes, and most cash drawers.

Restaurant POS - OrderNine Order Types and Counting

Our restaurant POS software supports 6 order types including table, bar, bar tab, delivery, two drive thru options, walk-in, pickup,  for-here, and to-go. All 6 can be enabled or disabled and customized for your businesses needs.

Restaurant POS - credit_cardSecure Payments

Supports cash/check, credit/debit, customer credit, and gift card payments as well as coupons and discounts. Bring your own processor or use one of our fully PA-DSS/PCI-DSS compliant processing partners. Card processing can be done internally or externally.

Restaurant POS - customersCustomer Loyalty

Keep all your customers on hand in the Customers database and track loyalty and sales trends on a customer by customer basis. Keep your customers coming back by remembering their favorite items. Add a caller ID box and  automatically add and retrieve customer data when a call comes in.

Restaurant POS - TableTables and Waitstaff

Full featured restaurant POS software allows you to manage your waitstaff and their tables and bar tabs with a customizable visual table layout. Split checks, organize and pay orders on a seat-by-seat basis, manage credit/debit tips, apply auto-gratuities, and more.

Restaurant POS - Map PinDeliveries and Drivers

Our all-in-one Deliveries screen is guaranteed to be the easiest delivery system you will ever use. Assign deliveries to drivers, accept drops, banks, set tips and more all from one screen. All  addresses are mapped on an interactive map. Use it with a Whozz Calling? caller ID unit and have your customer’s address and phone number on hand the second your customers call eliminating the need for customer address reentry.

Restaurant POS - ReportReport and Export

Get the full story on your restaurant or bar. Dozens of reports to get the most  out of your restaurant POS data. View sales figures, labor totals, item sales, basic expenses, hour-by-hour numbers, and more. All reports can be saved to .RTF or .PDF formats or printed. The built-in CSV Export utility  allows for custom data exports which can easily be imported into Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, and more.

Restaurant POS - Map PinInventory

Using our restaurant POS software, you can create food/drink recipes and automatically update stock as items are sold. Recipes can be assigned to items and their modifiers/toppings as well as selection options for multiple choice modifiers. You can also specify different amounts for items/modifiers with multiple sizes. Recipes can cross-convert measurement types (eg: so you can subtract an ounce of rum from a 750 mL bottle). Inventory can also be manually adjusted to account for added, destroyed/damaged goods, and more.

Restaurant POS - Purchase OrderPurchase Orders + Purchasable Items

Keep track of vendor purchase orders and update inventory stock based on items received. Account for delayed or out of stock items and more. Tracks payments for purchase orders as well as utility bills and other monthly payments.onally enable a free single-store customer loyalty program which will allow you to reward returning customers and track their spending and rewards.

Restaurant POS - employeesEmployees + Access Restrictions

Easily control employee access to features in the software on an individual employee-by-employee and feature-by-feature basis. There are four different levels of access which can be set at over 30 points in the software to limit which employees can access which features. The software also has an integrated time-clock with labor reports and manual shift editing.

Restaurant POS - BackupAutomated Backups

Be protected in the event of system failure, theft, or damage. Prosperity POS now features an easy to configure backup utility that can create scheduled backups of your system’s vital data. In the event of a loss, you can easily restore the backup using the integrated backup tool on the Prosperity Server application. Backups start from the moment you run the application and no special configurations are necessary.

Restaurant POS - Cash Drawer ManagementCash Drawer Management

Limit bartenders or cashiers to uniquely have access to a drawer and control drawer activity on an employee by employee basis. Easily finalize cashier shifts in a retail style setup or open access without restrictions. All balances are calculated at the end of shift for easy reconciliation. Unlimited drawers are supported and drawers can easily be shared by more than one station.


Why Mac?

This is not to say you have to be a die-hard Mac user to love and use our systems. Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is a much more stable and secure platform than Windows. The viruses, trojans, spyware, and other issues that PCs are prone to are a virtual non-issue on Macs. There have been over 50,000 viruses known to infect PCs. Macs? Only about 50. Apple offers an extremely secure platform that doesn’t fall victim to all of the issues that Windows users deal with on a daily basis.

“But Macs are way too expensive” … That is simply not true with Prosperity. While the base cost of a consumer Mac is more expensive than a comparable PC, we recognize the need for a Restaurant alternative to the Micros and Alohas of the world to be affordable as well. We can setup complete systems at roughly half of  the cost of the other guys. We also do not require any arbitrary “Modules” which need to be upgraded constantly, or any ongoing licensing fees. Its truly a win-win.